New Agreement Arab Tribes & Kurds in Tall Tamr

Welati reports a new agreement was reached between the Arab tribes and TEV-DEM recognizing the YPG as the only armed force. Four weeks ago the YPG reached an agreement with the Arab tribes, but there was a small clash after tensions erupted between the FSA and the YPG in Efrin.

    Peace agreement signed between YPG and rebels in Tal Tamr

    Hasakah province: Syrian Kurdish sources have informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that an agreement has been struck between the rebel brigades and the YPG in the city of Tal Tamr in Reef al-Hasakeh, which has witnessed tensions and clashes between the two sides during the past few weeks. The agreement entails the following terms:

    1) Announcing that the ‘units of protecting the people’ YPG are the sole legitimate authority in the region.

    2) The withdrawal of all rebel brigades from the city of Tal Tamr.

    3) The removal of tribal cover for the rebel factions.

    The agreement that has been struck was sponsored by the National Peace Council in the city of Ras el-Ein (Serekaniyeh) and the Movement for Democratic Society with the attendance of the tribes of al-Baqaara, al-Sharabein, al-Bouhdaad, al-Saada, and al-Aashouriyeen. / Van Wilgenburg