NAWSHIRWAN MUSTAFA : Voting for a civilian constitution & transparency in Iraqi Kurdistan’s oil revenues.

4.10.2012 – – ERBIL-Hewlêr, – Opposing Kurdish Change Movement stressed necessity for civil constitution for Kurdistan region with clear cut separation of powers and determining the freedom of the people. The Movement welcomed all oil companies wishing to work in the Kurdish region, but insisted on the transparency in exposing oil revenues.

In a statement, Change Movement General Coordinator Nawshirwan Mustafa met here Tuesday the General French Consul in Kurdistan Alan Gepran. Both sides discussed different issues of the region and Iraq, as well as the Syrian situation, according to the statement. Mustapha pointed out that the joint Kurdish discussions aimed at “crystallizing a civil constitution that will clearly separate the powers and guarantees freedom to the Kurdish people”. Both Change Movement and the Kurdish National Party, headed by President Jalal Talabani, agreed on 24 September, 2012, to return the draft Kurdish constitution to the parliament for amendments to meet the Iraqi political system, as well as normalization of relations between them.

Kurdistan parliament endorsed the draft constitution on 24 August 2009 provided it should be put to referendum before activation, while the opposition forces called for its return to the parliament for amendments. Change Movement is the biggest opposition force in the Kurdish region, which has 25 seats, out of 111, in the Kurdish parliament and 8 seats in the Iraqi parliament.