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7.3.2013 – Syrian Coalition Commends British Announcement to Provide Additional Aid for Syrians and Arab League Announcement to Give its Syria Seat to the Coalition

Cairo, Egypt, March 7, 2013 – The British Foreign Secretary, William Hague’s, announcement to provide 20 million dollars of additional aid to the Syrian people is a commendable gesture and strong indicator of the British government’s support and commitment to stand for the Syrian people’s rights, self-determination and salvation from tyranny. This announcement comes less than a week after the Friends of Syria conference was held in Rome, and is a strong sign of the UK’s recognition of the need to accelerate action to help Syrians and their cause.

In addition, today marks a strong, historical and fundamental step: The Arab League has granted its Syria seat to the Syrian Coalition, as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people. This move will help to accelerate efforts to end the humanitarian crisis perpetuated by a dictatorial regime, and towards enabling Syrians to achieve a pluralistic and democratic society.  

The Syrian Coalition stresses that the Syrian people’s sacrifices are the main driving purpose to continue the revolution, and to achieve its main goals. The Coalition would like to express its sincere gratitude for the tireless efforts of all governments and countries that have helped us along this road, specifically our brothers in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the rest of the Gulf States that have helped achieve this major political shift. The Coalition sees this as a step forward in the final chapter of the Assad regime’s place in the Arab, regional and international arenas. The Coalition hopes to see a similar move in the international arena, specifically, for the Coalition to gain the Syrian seat in the United Nations.

Finally, the Coalition would like to extend its deep gratitude once more to the British government and vows to cooperate and facilitate the delivery of the aid to the most needy victims of the Assad regime’s crimes, in hopes of bringing a brighter future to Syria.

We ask God to have mercy on our martyrs, health for our wounded, and freedom for our prisoners.

Long live Syria and its people free and with honor.

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