MUST READ ! – Resource: detailed case study on Aleppo City / Maya Gebeily

MESOP 22-2-2014 – An unparalleled report on Aleppo has just been released, and it might just be the best resource on the city that I’ve found. The guys at Caerus Associates have teamed up with First Mile Geo to create an interactive, detailed case study on Aleppo city, ranging from security conditions, to the humanitarian activities of the city’s civilian councils, to polling on political allegiances. I’ve included some of the most interesting findings below, but I encourage you to check out the full report.

One of the report’s findings is that the regime artificially lowers the price of bread in areas of Aleppo that it controls. The price is held steadily at 15 SYP per bag, but bread in opposition-held areas can be as expensive as 30 SYP to 60 SYP.

Still, though, this doesn’t necessarily mean that people are supportive of the regime. When asked who represents the Syrian people, Aleppo’s residents were more likely to respond “No one” than any other choice. That choice received almost 40% of the vote, while the regime received 12.1%, and – damningly, but perhaps not surprisingly – the Syrian Coalition received less than 2% of the vote.

Civil society organizations in opposition-held Aleppo are struggling, even though there are many more CSOs in those neighborhoods than there are in regime-held areas. The ones doing well are the Islamic-backed organizations, like the Sham Islamic Commission, the General Islamic Services Association, and the Sharia Commission. As you can see, you’ll learn a lot about a variety of dynamics at play in Aleppo city. Check out the report, and share some of your most interesting finds! Watch Full Report + pictures: