Muslim met Brahimi in Geneva

Thursday, 28 November 2013 hawarnews – News Center – met with a delegation headed by Saleh Muslim the joint head of Democratic Union Party PYD with UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi in the Swiss capital Geneva to discuss the situation in Syria and Rogava “West Kurdistan” and prepare for the Geneva Conference 2.

According to published official site of the PYD the meeting was attended by the Democratic Union Abdel-SalamMustafa Party representative in Europe and Khaled Issa Party representative in France and media Zozan Alloush.

The delegation of the PYD during the meeting to support the Kurdish Supreme body to the task of UN envoy in order to finding a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis and solving the Kurdish issue in the framework the Geneva Conference 2 slated to take place in January 22 of next year. Kurdish delegation also pointed to the need for the participation of the Kurds in the Geneva Conference 2 on behalf of the Kurdish Supreme body, the UN envoy and expressed conviction that the representation of the Kurdish people in Geneva over the KurdishSupreme body, and promised that he would work to achieve it. Al akhdar Brahimi noted the need to continue to communicate and cooperate for the success of the Geneva Initiative and to find a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis, and taking into account the interests of the various components of the Syrian people.