QANDIL MOUNTAINS, FIRAT NEWS 19.9.2012 –  In an interview with ANF about the recent developments in Turkey, the acting commander of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK and Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council president Murat Karayılan called on the ruling Turkey’s AKP government to hold a referendum on democratic autonomy under the supervision of international observers so that the people themselves could be asked about what they want.

Karayılan remarked that the denial of any contact with PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) leader Abdullah Öcalan is a cause of concern and evaluated this approach as very dangerous. Karayılan warned that the Turkish government and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan would be responsible for any potential negative consequences. KCK leader urged immediate end to the “severe isolation circumstances Öcalan has been subjected to”.

Karayılan continued mentioning the ongoing clashes in Hakkari-Şırnak regions which –he said- have been controlled by guerrilla forces since late July. KCK President noted that “The Turkish army has been suffering critical losses and have been hiding these from the public, while it is on the other hand continuing to bomb wide areas as the military are not able to move on the ground.”

KCK leader remarked that the Turkish army is preparing for a new operation.

Referring to the recent statements of PM Erdoğan who said that BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) deputies should go to Kandil instead of the Turkish parliament, Karayılan commented PM’s “either Kandil or Parliament” choice as “either surrender or taking to the mountains” and added that the Kurdish youth should respond to the PM by taking to the mountains instead of deputies.