MURAT KARAYILAN : We hope that Iran would back peace talks (AN OPTIMIST)


Kurdistan Region-  28.3.2013 – KURDPRESS / MESOP  – The land commander and one of the leaders of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Murat Karayilan said on Wednesday that the party hopes the Islamic Republic of Iran would support recent peace talks between PKK and Turkey government.

Addressing a press conference in the Iraqi northern autonomous region of Kurdistan, where PKK has its bases in the mountains of Qandil, Karayilan said the talks, followed-up agreements ceasing fire between PKK and Turkey will benefit the whole region and “ we hope Iran would back the talks.” Regarding concerns that fights may break out between PKK and Turkey forces, Karayilan said he personally has talked to the forces and they are well aware of the present situation and “would not allow any kind of wrongdoing.”