Murat Karayilan: Invitation of Kurds to Geneva Conference II is a Diplomatic Victory


Rojhelat – 23.6.2013 – Murat Karayılan discussed the situation and recent developments in western Kurdistan and the Kurdish delegation’s visit to Russia and the results of their visits.

KCK President Murat Karayılan said: “that the results of visit of delegation of Kurdish Supreme Committee to Russia were positive and that the invitation of Kurds to the Geneva meeting is a diplomatic victory. He said: “the presence of the Kurds in the international arena opens the way for them to play an important role in the future of Syria”.

He stressed that although there are some differences between some Kurdish parties but the Kurdish Supreme Committee has been able to achieve significant achievements. Karayilan continued: “by establishing various committees the Kurdish Supreme operate effectively.”

KCK president added: “the truth is that the Kurds are the most organized people in Syria, which follows a clear policy, so it is the right of the Kurds to join in international forums, but Turkey and some Syrian positions, that have not even recognized the Kurdish rights, has resulted so far to not inviting Kurds to participate in international meetings.”He noted:” the decision to invite Kurds to the Geneva Conference -2 is a diplomatic success and important to the people of western Kurdistan, it is known that there is a international sanction on this people that means that all these obstacles against Kurds by Turkey and Syrian opposition has been overcome now, for me I consider it to be an important achievement and a diplomatic victory.”

“The struggle of the Kurdish people and democratic politics, in addition the level reached in the diplomatic field, all that gives Kurds more opportunities and possibilities that qualify them to play an important role in the future of Syria.” Karayilan added. Karayilan also about the subject of Kurdish unity in western Kurdistan, said: “The fact is that there are not many differences between the Kurds, but some forces had acted differently, prompting some reactions, for example, some Kurdish traitors are involved with armed groups in attacking Kurdish villages in Efrin, that targeted the Kurdish people, these actions have affected the process of uniting Kurds.”