Murad Karayilan: In strong position we seek for a peaceful solution

FIRAT NEWS 20.12.2012 – At the upcoming of the first anniversary of massacre of Roboski villagers, the president of Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Murad Karayilan asked that those responsible of this crime must be prosecuted.

Karayilan in an exclusive interview with Firatnews agency said; the position of Turkish government regarding massacre of Roboski villagers has showed the Turkish occupation policy about Kurds. He said; the massacres of Dersim, massacres during Sheix Seid revolution, Sasus, Zilan, etc. all were committed in the similar way. In the tragedy of Roboski, the Turkish government has repeated its former policies; despite all the protests, while they have not revealed the details of this massacre, they even did not apologize.

Karayilan, asked that this crime, was committed in front of the eyes of the international community, thus, it should be prosecuted at the international level. In addition, in this interview the president of KCK in relation to the unexpected death of Turgut Ozal, the former president of Turkey said, leader Apo was the first person who said the death of Ozal was unnatural and he was murdered. Because, at the time of Ozal´s death, there was a ceasefire between PKK and Turkey, and Ozal had a prominent role, Karayilan said.

Karayilan notes that Turgot Ozal was killed by the order of powers behind the scene of Turkish regime, the risk that Ozal was aware of it, but as he once said he admitted it to achieve his goal. Furthermore, Karayilan by citing the process of solving Kurdish solution in 1993 reminded that thousands of Kurdish civilians were murdered in mysterious circumstances. It is clear that these killings were committed by the Turkish regime and if they want to reach a meaningful result they should refer to the events of 1993.

In this interview, the president of KCK about the calls of the liberation movement of Kurdistan (PKK) for ceasefire, said when we speak about peace, some people think that we are begging it but we are not in a weak position at all. The only reason for our calls is that we believe to the peace and brotherhood between nations, if not, the movement of PKK is able to achieve freedom for its nation by waging war.

We have this ability but we are looking for a peaceful solution, Karayilan said.

While addressing the Turkish regime, Karaiylan said, when we take step for solution of the problem, you should welcome this and cooperate with us. We ended the mass hunger strike in prisons but the prime minister fueled tensions. Now they have more expectations from us and fastened more the belt of occupation, this is unacceptable. In reaction we call all to support stronger the liberation movement.