Municipalities in Kurdish region gain bilingual signboards

ANF – NEWS DESK 20.12.2013 – Municipalities in the Kurdish region are gaining bilingual signboards within the framework of the BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) and DTK’s (Democratic Society Congress) campaign for the use of the Kurdish language in all areas of life.

Silvan Municipality, after those of Diyarbakır and Dersim, has changed its Turkish signboard which has been replaced by a new one written in Kurdish and Turkish.

“Şaredariya Farqînê” (Silvan Municipality) has been written on the Turkish signboard which read “Silvan Belediyesi”. Farqîn is the original name of the Silvan district of Amed/Diyarbakır. Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality has also changed its Turkish signboard with a new one reading “Şaredarîya Bajarê Mezin Amed” (Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality) in Kurdish, written next to the “Büyükşehir Belediyesi Diyarbakır” in Turkish in the entrance of the municipality on Tuesday. The Municipality of Dersim has also changed its signboard this week, replacing the “Tunceli Municipality” signboard with a new one reading “Dersim Municipality”. Dersim, the original name of the Tunceli province, has been banned since 25 December 1935.