MP: Closing down Kurdistan representation in Baghdad “illegal”

ERBIL, Aug. 16 (AKnews)- Shutting down the representative office of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Baghdad is “illegal and unconstitutional” and Baghdad should justify this step, said a member of the Kurdistan Blocs Coalition  (KBC) at the Iraqi Council of Representative.

Yesterday Baghdad government closed down the KRG office in the General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, claiming that the office is “illegal” and Baghdad and KRG can talk directly not through a representative office. KRG representative to Baghdad Mohammed Ehsan refuted the claim, saying the office was founded on legal basis. 

Deputy head of KBC Mohsen Saadun said the decision by Baghdad is “unconstitutional and illegal because the KRG representation is not new in Baghdad.”It is seven years this representation is coordinating between Iraq and the regional governments ….. This decision is… improper.”The official added after the parliamentary recess, the KBC will meet with Ehsan and discuss the reason for closing down his office. “The Iraqi government should clarify closing down the KRG office because this is an official representation and has committed no violations,” Saadun said.