Mosul governor flees city and heads to Kurdistan Region

10.06.2014 Nuwar JabaliBasNews, Mosul
The Governor of Mosul Atheel Nujefi has fled the city alongside thousands of other internally displaced persons (IDPs). Nujefi has temporarily relocated to Duhok, in the Kurdistan Region.
Thousands have fled Mosul following a breakout in violence sparked by the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) on Saturday.
A source from the Peshmerga (Kurdish military) who requested anonymity told BasNews that early Monday morning ISIS was able to take control of large areas of Mosul, including the governor building and the city’s airport.

According to the source a number of Iraqi soldiers fled the city following a spike in violence last night and asked the Peshmerga for protection.

BasNews reporter in Mosul said that a number of Iraqi soldiers are no longer fighting and have fled with civilians to Kurdistan.

The Peshmerga is currently on the outskirts of the city, waiting on orders from President Massoud Barzani.