„MORGENRÖTE & JUNGE WELT !“ – Griechische Nazis für Assad

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken : – So wie Michael Kühnen sich einst zu Saddam hingezogen fühlte, hat auch Assad seine Nazifreunde, die ihm in der Stunde der Not zu Hilfe eilen. Da passen sie auch hin, schließlich waren die Gründungsväter des Baathismus große Bewunderer Hiltlers und Mussolinis. Was deutsche Linke allerdings noch nie davon abgehalten hat, diesen panarabischen Antiimperialisten die Stange zu halten, schließlich geht’s ja gegen Imperialismus, Zionismus und globalisierten Kapitalismus.

Aus einem Interview, das ein Mitarbeiter der griechischen Zeitung Demokratia vor einiger Zeit mit einem Miglied der Nazigruppe Mavros Krinos” führte:

What is the name of the collective you represent? And what’s it’s role in the creation of the Greek volunteer force fighting on Assad’s side in Syria?

The collectives name that I represent is ‘ Black Lily ” a Greek National Socialist organisation with autonomous running and structure. We have been in touch with our Syrian brothers in arms for years now and that has played an important role in our today’s presence fighting along their side.

How many fighters are currently reside in Syria? Are they there fighting out of ideological motivation or they are just mercenaries?

When you feel deep inside you the sense that you belong somewhere your motivation and presence there can be only in purely ideological grounds, money does not come into play what so ever. Therefore the only reason for us to be there fighting alongside our Syrian brothers in arms is to help them defend the soil of a friendly nations people, showing our solidarity in practise against an age-old foe. The Greeks volunteers is estimated to be the size of a platoon, to answer the first part of your question.http://jungle-world.com/von-tunis-nach-teheran/2352/