More than 700 Halabja Victims still in Iran

17.02.2014 – Omar Aziz – BasNews, Halabja – Families and relatives of Halabja chemical attack victims still head to Iran to visit their loved one’s graves. Sixteen years after the deadly chemical attack, their bodies have yet to be repatriated to Kurdistan.  

The head of the Halabja Chemical Attack Victims Association, Luqman Abdulkader, said: “when the chemical attack took place in Halabja in 1988, many of the victims were sent to Iran for treatment, but unfortunately they died and were buried there. They have not brought them back to their home towns.” Abdulkader also said that the first group of the victims’ families in Halabja will soon fly to Iran to visit the victims’ graves in different locations throughout the country. “This group will consist of 30 people and they will be taken to the Kurdish town of Kamaran in west Iran, as well as to Tehran where most of the victims are buried,’’ said Abdulkader. He also stated that there are more than 700 Halabja victims’ graves in Iran that the government has yet to bring the bodies back to Kurdistan.