More proof of ISIS torture of Kurds

Kurds were freed as a result of FSA operations in Jarabulus. According to the Kurdish Front all prisoners in Jarabulus were freed.

“Two Kurds were tortured and accused of being members of the PKK,” another detainee said, referring to the Kurdish party that is seen as being in league with the Syrian regime. “They never confessed … One of them was shot right in front of us; they put a pistol to his head and shot him. The guy couldn’t even speak Arabic.”

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Another man described the executions he had witnessed, carried out without any form of due process, for the most capricious of reasons. “They tortured two Kurds,” he said. “They said to them, ‘Are you related to the PKK (the Kurdish separatist group)’. “They didn’t say yes but they killed them anyway. Another Kurd was just walking by. They put the gun to his head and killed him.”  

Mass graves unearthed from ISIS – Watch Video

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FSA releases Kurdish detainees from ISIS prison in Jarabulus, some of them were suspected of YPG links …