More On Islamic Party Meeting With PKK

Member of the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Islamic Union Abubakir Haladni on the visit of the delegation of the Kurdistan Islamic Union to Kandil and meeting with PKK leaders and then to meet the delegation with Turkish officials in Turkey, in a statement to KurdIU announced that “attempts by the Kurdistan Islamic Union is a reflection of a plan and strategy Islamic Union in the Sixth Congress of the Union and will continue, we offered that the Islamic Union stepping great strides in the national sphere within the province of Kurdistan and abroad, and made ​​the issue of the establishment of the Kurdish state one of strategy the Union”.

And added, “We want to solve the Kurdish issue in other parts of Kurdistan, by democracy, and this attempts an extension of this matter.”

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Old interview IUK-head did with Rudaw:

Muhammad Faraj: The word from Turkish authorities on the Kurdish issue is different from what it used to be. It is more open now. Davutoglu said Kurds are an indigenous nation in this area. They have the right to practice their rights. Obstacles have to be removed from them reaching their rights.

We asked if they [AKP] could take initiatives in this regard and place Kurdish rights in the constitution. We told them that people call their party the party of action, not the party of shiny words. Some years back, a soldier could remove any government official from his post, but now this government takes them to court.

We told them to do something about Kurdish rights. This is a change that God wants. They say that the Kurdish language is a God given language. We told them that they can make this change, and we will support them and pray for them. They said God willing they would continue their efforts.