Moaz al-Khatib: I can be bridge between Turkey and PYD

AL MONITOR – 18.3.2013 – “The PYD [the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party] must decide which side it is on. Now some PYD people are against the regime but some are still with it. We spoke to Salih Muslim [a PYD leader] in Cairo. He’s ready for dialogue with Turkey. I am ready to be the bridge in between. I spoke with Turkey and I was told, ‘If the PYD is sincere, it can be done.’

“We are against dividing Syria. We must help the PYD to make the right choice. But we are against splintering Syria; this is our red line. What kind of governance we will have can be discussed at the first parliament. In some countries, local administrations are powerful, in some they are not.”

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