MISTAKES I : Erbil agreement not made by Barzani, official tells Kurdpress / But produced by PKK & PUK

27.5.2013 – KURDPRESS – The agreement made between Syria Kurdish parties in Erbil was not the result of Kurdistan Region’s president Massoud Barzani’s attempts, a Kurdish politician and a member of Syria Kurds Democratic Movement Leading Committee (DEMTEV) told Kurdpress.

“There are people who claim the Kurds should stay committed to the Erbil agreement, but have to reveal that Barzani did not personally mediate among Syrian Kurdish parties.” ”The leading council of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and a number of patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) officials made all the attempts, “Naser Haj Mansour told Kurdpress.  “The decision, however, was ended in Barzani’s name. I aske Kurdistan Region’s president to respect political justice and does not behave as he has done all the attempts in the agreement,” he added, stressing that shutting Syria border with Kurdistan Region brought great troubles to the people.