BAGHDAD, | – 13.1.2013 –  Ministry of Peshmerga negotiator delegation arrived on Sunday to Baghdad and held a meeting with Iraqi government military delegation.

A member of the parliamentary Committee on Security and Defense, Hassan Jihad declared that the meeting between the delegations of the Kurdistan military Ministry of Peshmerga and the federal government has started on the military presence in the disputed areas. He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency that “Peshmerga’s delegation arrived Sunday, January 13, to Baghdad, and it is currently holding a meeting with military representatives of the Federal Government.”

Jihad added: “The previous meetings of the two military delegations in Baghdad and Erbil had brought the views of both sides closer, so it is hoped that today’s meeting is the last one to reach a final agreement on the management of the security file in the disputed areas.” The two delegations had met earlier this month, in Erbil to discuss the mechanism of the deployment and the presence of the security force in the disputed areas, as the first meeting was held in Baghdad last week and resulted in a principle agreement to resolve the crisis rose in those areas. The Ministry of Peshmerga in the Kurdistan Regional Government KRG announced earlier that its delegation to Baghdad is carrying a worksheet of nine points, but did not explain the nature of these points.

Jabbar Yawar, the secretary-general of the Ministry of Peshmerga said in a press conference: “The Province believes in dialogue and peaceful solutions to solve the problems and differences between Baghdad and Erbil on the (disputed areas) until the implementation of Article 140.”

It is noted that the meeting was attended from Kurdistan Regional Government part, lieutenant generals; Shirvan Rahman, Jabbar Yawar, Jamal Mohammed, Maj. Gens. Ismail and Brigadier General, Jamil.

From the federal government part, it was attended by lieutenant generals, Abboud Kamber, Gen. Ali Ghaidan, Lt. Gen. Hussein Aouadi, Lt. Gen. Mohsen and Lt. Gen. Riyadh. The meeting was attended from the U.S. side by lieutenant general, Caslen and the U.S. consul in Erbil city, Staven and some of the adviser to the U.S. consulate in Erbil and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. The Ministry of Peshmerga in the region pointed that there are some main and important points of differences between its delegation’s negotiating note and the military delegation from Baghdad note about the crisis in the disputed areas.