Syrian Opposition Figure Accepts Federalism?

14.5.2013 – Michel Kilo says in an interview after the Cairo conference in which Kurds participated that he has no problem with Kurdish self-rule or Kurdish constitutional rights in post-Assad future. He says that a conference will be held in the future about the form of the state and that it could be a federal Syria. Moreover, he says after the congress they will hold conference in all Syrian cities, including Kurdish ones to elect people. I wonder if this is accepted by all the Syrian opposition though. Salih Muslim rejected the demand to withdraw from the NCB in response to Kilo. He was saying it doesnt contradict PYD’s participation in Syrian opposition.

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Clash Between YPG and Regime Group in Hasakah

 Hasakah province: A car bomb went off by the al-Aziziya bridge in al-Hasakah city, the bridge has a YPG checkpoint. Clashes then took place between the YPG and fighters, using guns and hand grenades, by the YPG checkpoint on the bridge https://www.facebook.com/syriaohr/posts/368403189934692   The clash between a pro-militia and YPG was also confirmed by Yekiti media.

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