Messoud Barzani : we won’t fire first bullet of the war

ERBIL-Hewlêr,  –  29.11.2012 –  President, Massoud Barzani hinted that military coups might happen in Iraq as in the past, while considered the current Iraqi army as “unconstitutional.” – Barzani said in an interview with Mada Newspaper, that “laws have been violated in connection with the (Iraqi army) as appointing military commanders must pass through parliament and the case is that there is no military commander currently was appointed by a parliamentary approval or even the knowledge of the parliament “.

“The result is that the current army from a constitutional standpoint is illegal.” Barzani explained that “the prime minister (Nuri al-Maliki) is formulating a dangerous method that allows the army to intervene in political disputes and this means that we can witness in the future military coups, such as happened in the past.”

Massoud Barzani confirmed that Kurdish Peshmerga forces (Kurdistan’s guard force) will not shot the first bullet of the war , despite Kurdistan readiness for any armed confrontation, while a proposal for the military leaders revealed striking his headquarters in Salahuddin, but Maliki confirmed postponing it until receiving F-16 U.S. aircraft. Barzani told al Mada newspaper, that “The Peshmerga forces will not shot the first bullet of the war on Iraqi army troops that were sent to the disputed areas as we will not be the initiators”.

Barzani stressed that “the problem of Kurdistan is not related to Kurdistan alone, which is not of a personal nature,” explaining that” it is part of the governance problem in Iraq and when we want to reform it , it is for the rule the Iraqis of different affiliations.”Barzani recalled the earlier events believing that it have paved for what is happening today on the border of Kirkuk, he added “when a problem took place in Khanaqin in 2008 and Maliki moved the military forces against Peshmerga I lost my believe in al-Maliki and said to the others: as long as he has the intention to use the army then he will repeat it again and this what happened in the current crisis.”

Barzani expressed his belief that “Iraqi army file is one of the most dangerous issues that must be solved by the political blocs,” adding, “Notice how Baghdad manages the army file? Certainly I’m not against the army and its development and arming it, but I refuse the army to be the own of one person, this is not the Iraqi army that we want and we look forward to in the modern civil state. “

Barzani spoke painfully of harassment of Kurds belonging to the Iraqi military in recent times, saying that “he demanded the Kurdish leaders to take a position about this, but others preferred to calm the situation.”

Barzani recalled an exciting incident recently that he revealed in this context, explaining that “Maliki talked at a meeting with senior military leaders about the differences with Kurdistan Alliance, as one of the officers said : Sir Once you order, we can move to the (Kurds) and take them out of Salahuddin! “, stressing that” Maliki commented on the words of the officer by saying: wait until we receive F-16 aircraft from America and you will see what I will do. ” Barzani added “For me there is no difference between the F-16 and MiG-17, which were used by Saddam Hussein against us, but the intentions and this mentality is serious”, adding that “al-Maliki should think of using fighter jets to protect Iraq, as he is expecting its arrival to hit the Kurdish villages and areas.” Barzani added, “Then he can strike any other region in Iraq , use force and national army to resolve differences among the political forces and this is a significant breach of the constitution.”