MESOPOTAMIA NEWS TODAY FOCUS :  Finally, UN begins to exhume mass graves of ISIS genocide of Yazidis – by Seth Frantzman 16 March 2019


The UN has begun to exhume a mass grave in Kocho (Kojo), a village attacked by ISIS in 2014 and site of some of the worst crimes against humanity.

Look how beautiful the village is — and look how tragic is that every single person inside this village ‘Kocho’ was either killed on enslaved in 2014. More than 1700 people in Kocho alone lost their way of life or killed in that dark day!!

— Murad Ismael (@murad_ismael) March 15, 2019

The UN statement

Tomorrow @UNITAD_Iraq and the Government of Iraq will commence the exhumations of mass graves located in the village of Kojo, Sinjar Region, Iraq, location of August 2014 massacre of hundreds of Yazidi men and women, and abduction of hundreds more. Statement follows. #UNITAD

— UNITAD (@UNITAD_Iraq) March 14, 2019

Photos of the village,

Yazda’s board of directors and staff welcome the beginning of exhumation of mass graves in Sinjar. We re-iterate importance of exhumation to the international standards and that all remains should undergo DNA analysis for accurate identification of victims.

— Yazda (@YazdaOrg) March 15, 2019