MESOPOTAMIA NEWS PUTINS CHOICE = ERDOGAN ! – Russia paves way for Turkey

People of al-Shaddadi pointed out that the recent attacks on Ain Issa district is green lighted by the Russian “guarantor”, and stressed their support for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

NEWS 23 Dec 2020, Wed – 06:38 2020-12-23T06:38:00 Al-Hasakah – Basim al-Dakhil Ain Issa district has been under intense shelling by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries for a month for controlling it as a strategic town on the M4 highway.

Despite of in place ceasefire agreement between Russia and the Turkish occupation state after occupying many areas in northeast Syria, displacing its population and numerous crimes and violations, the occupation keeps committing crimes under the sight of the Russian “guarantor”.

The official spokesman for the Martyrs’ Families Foundation in Al-Shaddadi district, Naji Al-Nojum, said: “The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries could not advance one step towards Ain Issa until after the Russian guarantor’s green light to ocupy it.”

Al-Nojum added, “We strongly condemn these barbaric attacks on Ain Issa and its people, and we hold Russia responsible for that, as it turns blind eye to these developments, notwithstanding, several shells landed near its headquarters, and as it opens the way to these attacks.”

He pointed out that Turkey and its mercenaries have brought this region to its knees and violated all peace-keeping treaties. “The humanitarian organizations, the international community and the Security Council are required to stop the bloody farce and drama against the people of NE Syria.”

He stated that the peoples of NES have offered thousands of martyrs to enjoy freedom and dignity, and he continued, saying: “We are ready to offer more to defend geography, which the Turkish occupation is under Turkish threat.”

For his part, notable of Al-Mashahda clan, Ali Al-Khudair, said: “Ain Issa is an indivisible part of the NES, and it requires all components to protect its people from the oppression of Turkey and its mercenaries.”

Al-Khudair noted that he is aware of the Russian conspiracies with the Turkish occupation and said: “They should know that our sons are ready at all times to support the heroes in the Syrian Democratic Forces, who liberated NES.”

Al-Mashahada’s notable Ali Al-Khudair concluded his speech by saying: “We, clans and peoples of NES are united against all the violations against us, and we will not stand idly by in front of the systematic terrorism against us.”