MESOPOTAMIA NEWS NORTH IRAQ Seido: According to international laws…this is violation

The co-chair of the Free Media Union, Bengin Seido, said, “There is nothing in the world that forces journalists to sign a letter that prevents him from monitoring and following up on reality and events.”

NEWS 17 Dec 2020, Thu – 07:35 2020-12-17T07:35:00 Qamishlo – Sima Biroki elegram

For years, the issue of unpaid salaries in Başûr Kurdistan (Nortern Iraq) has been widely discussed among people who demand the government of the Kurdistan Region (KRG) to solve this problem. In recent days, the unpaid employees’ protests have escalated.

During these demonstrations, the Başûr Kurdistan authorities arrested young men and families of the participants in the demonstrations, and suspended a number of media outlets, in addition to journalists, forcing them to sign letters not to monitor and follow up the popular protests.

In this context, our ANHA News Agency held a meeting with the co-chair of the Free Media Union, Bengin Seido.

Regarding the employee’s protests, Seido said: “In fact, this situation is inappropriate. Whatever happens, journalists must not blocked from carrying out their duties. The following-up and monitoring is the core of journalism, and they work according to laws, and I do not believe that journalists are working against the laws. ”

Seido continued, “We, journalists, regret the media blocking and the arrest of journalists, and the fact that this matter is truly regrettable.”

According to international laws, this is a violation

Regarding the Asayîş (internal security) forcing the journalists to sign letter not to monitor and follow up the protests, Seido said: “This is contrary to the media resolutions. The core task of the media is to highlight the reality.”

He noted that such practices constitute a violation of the right of journalists, in accordance with international laws on the media. “There is nothing in the world that prevents journalists from following events.”

At the end of his speech, the co-chair of the Free Media Union, Bengin Seido, explained that they hope that the concerned authorities with the media in Başûr Kurdistan will solve this problem