MESOPOTAMIA NEWS KURDISTAN SYRIA : Afrin notables: Turkey changes Afrin demographically, where is the Syrian state?

The dignitaries and notables of Afrin expressed their dissatisfaction with the failure of the Syrian regime to take a stance towards the Turkish occupation effort to divide and occupy its territories, in reference to the partition wall, which the Turkish occupation continues to construct in Afrin.

NEWS 25 May 2019, Sat – 07:35 2019-05-25T07:35:00 AL-SHAHBA-AREF SULIEMAN ANHA

As the Turkish occupation continues to build the partition wall in Afrin in an effort to divide Syria and annex Afrin to the Turkish territory, reactions against the practices of the Turkish state are escalating, as well as the international public opinion and the Syrian regime to take any position on it.Notables and dignitaries, through our agency, expressed their condemnation of the practices of the Turkish occupation and called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities towards these violations.Mohamad Ibrahim, one of the notables of Midanki village said, “The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries attacked Afrin, we resisted them with our strong will and determination, and Turkey occupied Afrin, but we will not forget it and we will not leave Afrin at the hands of the occupation. We will defend it and resist them till we return to it,” stressing Turkish occupation’ pursuit to occupy and divide the Syrian territory.

“After the occupation of Afrin, the Turkish mercenaries perpetrated the worst violations against the people of Afrin: killing, kidnapping, torturing, looting and stealing the property of civilians, changing the demographics of the region, and providing the Turkish telephone networks instead of the Syrian.

Ibrahim pointed to Turkish occupation’s building the partition wall, and said that this wall confirms Turkey’s intentions of occupation.

“Turkey and its mercenaries destroyed Syria completely, including Afrin,” said Mohammed Adham, a dignitary of the village of Basoutah in Sherawa district of Afrin canton. “In Afrin, all segments, religions and components of all the Syrian regions were coexisting, Turkey displaced thousands of Afrin people before the eyes of the world, the Turkish state is against humanity and nature, burned forest trees and olives in Afrin.”

Rashid Sulaiman, notable from Raju district, condemned the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ violations against the people of Afrin and the wall the Turkish occupation is building in the villages of Afrin. He said that the construction of this wall aims to divide Syria and distance the people of Afrin from their city.Rashid Sulaiman called upon all countries of the world to shoulder their responsibilities towards the violations of the Turkish state.