MESOPOTAMIA NEWS KURDISTAN : Parliament to Discuss PKK-Turkey Clashes on KRG Territories

Basnews English 19/06/2019 – 17:17 Published in Kurdistan ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Parliament is planning a session to discuss the recent growing tensions between Turkey and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on Kurdistan Region territories, said a lawmaker.The armed conflict between the two disputed sides has recently escalated with casualty reports and material damages caused in civilian-populated border areas of Kurdistan.

MP Romeo Hakari, head of the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights, told BasNews that the session is hoped to find a solution to the issue.

However, he noted that his committee will dispatch a team to the affected areas to investigate the details of the damages, and prepare a report to the legislative beforehand.

“The PKK is required to avoid any move that could give Turkey an excuse to bombard the region,” he said.

“We will also call on relevant authorities to compensate the families affected by the bombardments.”