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Supporters of Islamic State (ISIS) celebrated the March 22, 2017 London attack on social media, expressing confidence that the perpetrator had acted on behalf of the organization. The following are some examples:

A Telegram user wrote: “A single Muslim put all of Britain into a state of alert and stopped traffic in London, even though they killed him, may Allah accept him [as a martyr]. Just think [how scared they would have been] if he were still alive or if there had been two lions like him. The infidels are such cowards.”


A user on the pro-ISIS Telegram channel “Tactical Retreat” wrote: “The final outcome of the London raid, which targeted the Parliament building, was four dead Crusaders and 40 wounded, among them soldiers and police officers. The attacker was also killed. The Anglo-Saxon security apparatuses have not revealed his identity, but they did say he carried out the attack in response to the calls by the Islamic State to attack in the heart of the countries [that belong to] the Crusader alliance [the international coalition against ISIS]. We ask Allah to bring the harshest torment upon the Anglo-Saxon Christians, and to accept the one who carried out the attack among the martyrs if he [really] is, as I believe, one of Allah’s Muslim worshippers.”

The “Exclamation” Telegram channel, which is popular with Islamists, posted a video of British Prime Minister Theresa May speaking in Parliament about the attack and commented: “In the very place where Britain’s criminal prime minister Theresa May declared she was willing to use nuclear weapons and kill hundreds of thousands of women and children, they are now mourning five people who were killed yesterday in London. In this very place, the British House of Commons, decisions were taken throughout history, without batting an eyelid, to wage wars all over the world that led to the death of tens of millions. Today they are standing to mourn five people killed yesterday in London. [This is their] democracy, humanity, civilization and so on.”

An English-speaking ISIS supporter wrote on Facebook: “Alhamdulilah [praise Allah]… it seems that the message is getting out”|


Another English-speaking supporter wrote on Telegram: “Awww innocent England, [the] butcher of thousands of Muslims, got some taste of its own medicine.”


The pro-ISIS Telegram channel “War news / Ummah news” reposted the image below promising attacks in the UK.


As news of the attack began to spread, French-speaking jihadis exchanged the following comments in a closed Telegram chat room: “It seems that something is happening now in London. –Death to the infidels, May Allah break their backs. – Amen. Mashallah, an attack in London. Lions have hit the enemy in his den. – Praise Allah, have you seen [the reports] about London[?] Inshallah [Allah willing], there will be many dead. – Inshallah. –The infidels are being targeted everywhere, may Allah send them to hell. – Amen. – Inshallah, you hit us, we hit you back.”