MESOP WEST KURDISTAN SHORT CUTS II : WATCH VIDEO: Jabhat Al Akrad or YPG Kills Al Qaida Emir in Aleppo

Abu Alyaman from Ahrar al-Sham was killed during the battles in Tal Aran.

Jabhat al-Akrad statement condemns ISIS attacks and claim they abduct civilians who fled the city of Tal Aran and called JN/ISIS aggressors since Assad isn’t anymore present in the area and praising ‘our brothers in the FSA’ and dealing with Assad aggression in peaceful villages and condemns silence of FSA-leaders. Moreover, Abuobaida Tunisi, an emir of for the eastern region for ISIS in Aleppo was allegedly died in an ambush of the YPG (they claim it is ‘PKK’). According to SOHR fighting continues to take place in Tal Hasal.

Pro-Islamist pages claimed that Ahrar, Jabhat al-Nusra and Liwa al-Tawhid took over Tal Aran from ‘PKK’ and took over the municipality building and ‘liberated prisoners’.

Video showing alleged ‘2 PKK-members’ being captured on 29/7. – Kurdish Jihadis Captured by Iranian Security Forces

NNSroj reports a group of Kurdish Wahabis or Jihadis (5 people) was captured in the Kurdish areas of Iran by Iran’s security forces on 23 July.