Pro-Kurdish Media Claims 50 Kurds Executed in Aleppo

Claims by pro-Kurdish news agency Hawar (close to PYD) that 50 civilians were executed in Tal Aran and Tal Hasil (Aleppo countryside) and 350 civilians were ‘kidnapped’/detained. This cannot be verified by independent sources.

Welati: Syrian Kurds Not Happy With Border Closure

Welati criticism of Saemalka border crossing closure. Welati suggests it results in great anger among Syrian Kurds. Reportedly the PYD is trying to convince Turkey to open the border and a member of the People’s Council of West-Kurdistan visited Turkey to discuss it.

Posted by Wladimir an Wilgenburg

Kurdish FSA Talks to Rudaw Bewar Mustafa (Komala) talks to Rudaw about the fighting in Aleppo.

Mujahideen Shell Village in Tel Ebyad

Mujahideen were shelling village of Kandal in the countryside of Tel Ebyad targeting the ‘PKK’. –  Wladimir van Wilgenburg /