Kurdish forces destroy IS attacks in Shingal: official tells Kurdpress

25 March 2015 – The chief of Shingal Defense Forces’ Public Relation stated the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga and members of the defense forces have destroyed attacks by the militants of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraqi northern city of Shingal.

Rashed Davoud told Kurdpress that the recent attacks of the IS jihadists against the Kurdish forces have been destroyed and street clashes are continuing between the two sides. He stated the jihadists are repeatedly launching attacks against the Kurdish forces but all assaults have been destroyed. He went on to say that the IS militants planned to launch another huge attack on March 23 but the anti-IS coalition bombed the bases of the group before the attack and inflicted heavy damages on the group. The IS committed mass crime and made people displaced in thousands after the Peshmerga forces withdrew from Shingal and Zumar in last August and the cities fell to the IS.Kurdish forces of Peshmerga and Shingal Defense Forces liberated a small part of Shingal in December last year but no advance has been made by the Kurdish forces since the day.