Source: Fears in Iraqi government, army over Shiite militias’ power …

Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, deputy head counterterrorism force: “They may be tempted to take on the army if they don’t have their way,”

Hadi al-Amry “The Hashd will take part in the battle to liberate Mosul no matter what. No one can stop us from entering Mosul.” (AP)

Jassim al-Husseini: “Integrating us in the security forces and the military is not an idea that will help build our nation,” (AP)

“We want to be a third power in Iraq,” al-Jazaeery said. “Why can’t the Hashd be like the Revolutionary Guard in Iran?” (AP)

Ali Omran, commander 5th Infantry Division: “I told the Hashd people that one day I and my men may fight them.” …

Ali Hadi Al-Musawi@ahmusawi 16h16 hours ago  – Iraqi interior minister says he cut number of brigadier generals from 230 to 110 …

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GA Sistani & @Mu_AlSadr playing an indirect complementary role to pressure the political class. Ignore the headline

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As Iraqi civilian rule weakens, Shi’ite clerics call the shots  via @Reuters

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