Tide turns in #Syria after the fall of #Sheikh_Miskeen …

Every time #Syria rebels had to fight #SAA without their #AlQaeda affiliated allies, they lost #Sheikh_Miskeen

#BREAKING – Hundreds of Peshmerga have gone on strike south of #Kirkuk over delay in payment of salaries. #KRG


How Turkey may be losing Abu Dhabi as key trade partner: tensions behind closed doors.Insightful read by Ufuk Sanli. …


Kurds bomb ISIS Sharia Court, security center in Jarablus near Turkish border – ARA News … via @twitterapi


Pentagon may recommend moving US forces closer to battlefield for Mosul …


Charles Lister@Charles_Lister 13m13 minutes agoTough words frm UK #Syria Envoy @garethbayley pre-#Geneva. Accuses #Russia of “hypocrisy” & “massive destruction”


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“IDF says Iran has recently cut funding for Hezbollah by 10%, group is in a deep financial crisis”


Charles Lister@Charles_Lister 15m15 minutes ago#Syria’s opposition negotiating team are meeting now, to discuss whether to attend #Geneva talks. Armed groups strongly opposed as of now. Big day for fate of #Syria talks tomorrow. @Mohammed_Aloush has hit back vs US pressure, but decision still to come.


Charles Lister@Charles_Lister 16h16 hours agoUS Envoy to #Syria, Ratney: -Kerry didn’t threaten opposition w. loss of support -We still support TGB & Geneva 2

Ahrar al-Sham (whose status in political track is unclear) refuse foreign influence on opposition negotiating team:


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When commentators talk of the need for effective local forces to fight #ISIS, these sub-humans don’t fit the bill: A truly horrific video circulating showing a Shia militiaman disemboweling &/or skinning a Sunni corpse in #Iraq, with 2 other men beheaded.

Assad Has It His Way … via ForeignAffairs


Denise Natali@dnataliDC 3h3 hours agoReviving Iran – “The Great Race for the last goldmine on earth has begun”. …

CNN International@cnni 18h18 hours agoReport: Al Qaeda Syrian affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra “much more dangerous” to U.S. than #ISIS 


Diffusing Turkey-Iraq tensions r essential 2 defeating Daesh, particularly in Mosul & post – Daesh settlement. …


Aymenn J Al-Tamimi@ajaltamimiMy latest: account of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Islamic State leadership succession lines … #Iraq #Syria


Peshmergas in a Kirkuk frontline protest to get their payments, they raised 250 ID notes #TwitterKurds