Nujayfi: If ISIS have foundation of Sunnis to apply the Islamic Sharia, they should be defeated by Sunnis #suliforum

Nujayfi: we know very well that ISIS haves its own ideology, very difficult to control them by military forces only #suliforum

.@Mikeknightsiraq says military failures of ISIS should be emphasised #suliforum

Kurdish president weighs broader role in ISIS fight #TwitterKurds #Peshmerga 

.@Mikeknightsiraq but ISIS continues to come. We hurt these guys very badly, but continue to come #suliforum

.@Mikeknightsiraq there were 10 attacks in 7 days, all of them were smashed with air support [PESH] #suliforum

We’ve heard abt military strategies. What about social & educational strategies to kill ISIS ideology? Audience member to panel. #SuliForum

.@brett_mcgurk As Daash begins lose territory, it will loose revenues that it needs to sustain itself #suliforum

.@brett_mcgurk I want to be clear its not just a military approach. But its necessary, bc Daash is mil organization #suliforum

.@brett_mcgurk points out that the battle should be won in the social media space #suliforum

.@brett_mcgurk Gen Petreaus: anacoda strategy in 2007/2008: cutting of finances, foreign fighters, hum catastrophe #suliforum

Security advisor Falah Fayadh: Syrians suffering now, they might say this is bc of Iraq #suliforum

Security advisor Falah Fayadh says Iranians do not fully control Iraq, but we have committed some mistakes #suliforum

Security advisor Falah Fayadh: Iraqi interest is above all, and Iraqi govt is in full control #suliforum

Security advisor Falah Fayadh: if we want to behave or think in name of Iranians or US, we wouldn’t have succeeded #suliforum