Algerian Author: Islam Will Split European Society

By Chris Tomlinson – Breitbart –  2016-06-01 19:45 GMT – Algerian writer and best selling author Boualem Sansal paints a bleak vision of Europe’s future in his new work 2084: The End of the World, the title evoking George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Mr. Sansal sees a Europe –not governed by a totalitarian Big Brother as Mr. Orwell did, but rather — subjugated by radical Islam.

Promoting the book, the author warns that the “refugees welcome” attitude that Germans have shown is “completely naive,” and warns of the perils of radical Islam on European society in a new interview, reports Kronen Zeitung.Mr. Sansal blames what he calls an overly tolerant society as the reason for his vision of the future of Europe. He says that in Germany in particular that the experiences of the Second World War have made the nation an easy prey for Islamists. He told media that many of the radical Islamists in his native Algeria were forced out for their agitations against the government and many of them have found asylum in Germany.

Europe is experiencing a “return of religion” according to Mr. Sansal, who says that the problem is not just a German issue but pan-European. He claims that Islam is gaining more traction among the population in European countries and especially among youths. Young people in Germany and elsewhere have even begun attempting to join Islamic State over the past year — some even committing attacks on its behalf. The author warns that the trend among young people will contaminate the entirety of European society.

The consequences for women in an Islamised Europe are dire, Mr. Sansal says. Women’s equality will be a thing of the past he claims, explaining: “In the Islamic universe, there is only a mother’s love, the love of God. In love, the women hide. The woman herself does not matter.”

Blaming the weakness of Europe to come to its own defence, he says that groups like Islamic State are using the tolerance of Europe against itself. According to him, the attacks in Paris and Brussels are directed at the Western way of life and shared common values. “You can not even defeat the weak Arab states, so they have brought in fifth columns to bring the West to destroy itself. If they succeed society will fall,” he said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not escape criticism from Mr. Sansal. The author sees the Turkish leader as trying to behave like an Islamic Caliph by centralising his own power in Turkey and trying to force conditions on the European Union to stem the migrant crisis.

Mr. Erdogan has repeatedly threatened to unleash millions of migrants into the European Union if he does not get visa-free travel for Turkish citizens. The EU has maintained that Erdogan must reform terror laws used to prosecute critics of the government, but the Turks have stood firm against any efforts to scrap them.