Funny reasons for leaving Germany asap ! : “The reasons are myriad, but include overcrowded refugee centers, exasperating bureaucracy, unfamiliar German food, a lack of jobs” . –

Good words: he knows about the honest existence of a well functioning + honest bureaucracy all over Iraq where Germans are regulary served with their familian food. And jobs für now about 2 Millionen people – well payed: quite easily done.

German Food Is Driving Refugees Back to the War Zones They Came From

By Hamilton Nolan (GAWKER) – They came to Germany in search of better lives. But they left Germany in search of better food.

3 March 2016 – For those of you seeking to add a little levity to the ongoing discussion of the European refugee crisis, you won’t do any better than today’s LA Times report on the growing wave of refugees who fled war and misery and came to Germany and who are now going back to the war and misery, because fuck Germany. There are many reasons why a growing number of refugees are becoming disillusioned with their new homeland: poor housing, lack of economic opportunity, distrust from the local citizens, isolation from friends and family.

But also:    “The food was terrible, so disgusting that not even animals should be fed it.”

People ready to go back to Iraq, where you can get blown up by ISIS at a funeral, rather than tolerating one more week of this slop!    “I’m tired of being treated like an animal, of living in a giant room with hundreds of others and getting horrible food and having to take cold showers.”

Death before currywurst!!!!!!!!!

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Refugees buying one-way tickets home after finding Germany intolerable

Erik Kirschbaum – LOS ANGELES TIMES – 2 March 2016 – With a one-way ticket home to Iraq in his hands and seven months’ worth of frustration over intransigent German bureaucracy in his heart, Gazwan Abdulhasen Abdulla gave up on his dreams of a better life in Europe.

Homesick and eager to be back with his wife and four small children in Basra, Abdulla was giving up his refugee status as he boarded a crowded Iraqi Airways flight from Berlin’s Tegel Airport to Baghdad that would whisk him and 150 other disillusioned former refugees back home in five hours.He had scraped together his last $325 for the flight to Iraq — a small fraction of the money he had paid to smugglers last summer to get to Germany by foot, bus and boat through Turkey, Greece, the Balkans and Austria. But now, after more than 1.1 million refugees from troubled lands such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have trekked into Germany over the last 13 months, a small but growing number are heading home.

Thousands of migrants backed up at Greek border as Europe’s refugee crisis worsens. The reasons are myriad, but include overcrowded refugee centers, exasperating bureaucracy, unfamiliar German food, a lack of jobs and a spreading sense of resentment from Germans who fear their country is being overrun by Muslims.

Many refugees say they are now happy to trade a cold, heartless and lonely life in one of Europe’s richest countries for the violence, insecurity and poverty back home. And they say they have realized, rather belatedly, that smugglers had sold them a pack of lies about big houses, well-paying jobs and the life of luxury they would find in Germany. Read more