MESOP TIME LIMITED : Baghdad-Erbil deal not solution but ‘necessity,’ oil minister says

 Waar, Duhok: 5 April 2015 – The oil agreement between Baghdad and Kurdistan Region was nothing but a “necessity” so that both sides could keep the business going, Iraqi Oil Minister says. In a statement, Adel Abdulmahdi said that following the rise of conflicts between the region and Baghdad, a quick solution had to be found needed for arranging the 2015 budget bill. He added the situation led to the oil agreement in which Erbil is committed to export 550,000 barrels of oil per day under Baghdad supervision. In return, Baghdad has to hand 17% of the national budget to the Kurds. Abdulmahdi said that the false policies and stances of the past years had piled up conflicts between the region and Erbil, adding that this was the reason why Baghdad always had to seek “temporary” solutions.