MESOP : THEY PAY WITH DOLLARS – Islamic State offers $150,000 bounty for the deaths of foreign fighters in Syrian Kurdistan

Daily mail UK – 3 June 2015 – QAMISHLO, Syrian Kurdistan,— A young Australian man has the weight of a hefty bounty on his head after deciding to join Syrian Kurds to fight against the Islamic State. Ashley Dyball, 23, from Brisbane, is believed to be one about 100 foreigners who have flown to the Middle East to be part of the Kurdish People’s Prot

The group is part of the Lions of Rojava, who have warned on their Facebook page that ISIS militants are prepared to reward as much as $150,000 to anyone who hands over just one foreign fighter. The post, made on Monday, goes on to point out to its members the seriousness of the situation by stressing that the money was an enticing offer to good to refuse for most poverty-stricken locals.

The group, who vows to ‘send IS terrorists to Hell and save Humanity’, also calls on all members to report any fake pages. ‘#ISIS terrorists said who can catch one foreign fighter and give in the hands of ISIS they will paying for one foreign fighter 150 000$, the post states. ‘The most people from middle east will do this because many of them are poor. Don’t forget money makes the world. ‘Once you see a fake page please report it because your security and security of Western people. Thank you for your help and support.’ Mr Dyball, who is a former international junior bench press champion, is believed to have joined the Kurdish group on May 5. Mr Dyball took to Facebook under the alias ‘Mitchell Scott’ on May 25 to claim he was fighting in the conflict and to share a picture of himself dressed in camouflage and holding a gun while smoking a cigarette. ‘No news is good news. Miss everyone from home hope your [sic] all well #YPG #F***THEISLAMICSTATE, Mr Dyball wrote in the caption before adding: Not sure when I will have wifi again. Friends and family expressed their shock and confusion, with many unsure if the social media post was a joke.

‘I thought you were full of it when you messaged me. I seriously hope this is a bad joke! Skype me asap please,’ one friend wrote.

Another friend posted: ‘I hope this isn’t real Ash… if it isn’t, I’d definitely remove it asap!’Others raised concerns for his safety, warning him he would have trouble returning to Australia if he was legitimately involved in the conflict.‘Ash you realise you can never return to Australia if this is all legit. What are you thinking?’ a female friend posted. Another friend warned: ‘” A spokesman for Attorney General George Brandis warned that any Australian fighting for the YPG would face prosecution under the Foreign Incursions and Recruitment Act and a possible jail sentence of up to 20 years.”‘

Meanwhile another person wrote: ‘If you read about people that have gone over there to fight them every single one has died.’Other friends posted messages encouraging him and complementing his picture. ‘It’s so believable though. If it was anyone else it would have been a joke,’ one man commented. Another posted: ‘You have always been about the shock factor but I never ever would of expected this. Stay safe dyball.’‘You are in good hands with the pashmerga [sic] they are amazing and you are fighting a good cause but we are all worried. Please just contact your family as soon as you can. Thinking of you and stay safe,’ a woman added. Mr Dyball represented Australia as a junior in the Oceania Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships in 2013 where he took home a gold medal. Prior to the dramatic post, Mr Dyball shared photos of himself travelling in France, the Netherlands and Jordan. On May 5 he posted an image of a ‘large’ McDonald’s meal and tagged himself at the Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan.

He also posted images of himself in Paris, posing in front of the Eiffel Tower and visiting the Arc De Triomphe.