Turkey-PKK agreement leads to Iraq’s division: US analyst

9.5.2013 –KURDPRESS –  MESOP – Washington– The American political analyst Henry Barkey believes the agreement between Turkey and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) will result in the disintegration of Iraq, BBCTurk said in a report.

“Iraq will be seriously affected by the agreement. It will benefit Turkey and its Kurds and strengthen Turkey national unity, but will end in Iraq’s division,” Barkey, a former US Secretary of State expert said. The ultimate agreement between Turkey government and the Kurds will bring Ankara closer to its Kurds and Iraq’s northern region of Kurdistan, he said, adding that Turkey will boost its ties with Iraq Sunni Muslims and Turkmen. The Kurdish issue is Turkey biggest historical threat. Ending the conflict means Turkey government will have the support of another fifth of the country and it will greatly increase its political and economic power, the analyst went on to say.