MESOP : THE USUAL PHRASES WITHOUT RELEVANCE – KDP ready to normalize relation with PKK: official

25 Apr 2015 – Kurdpress . The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) stated it is ready to normalize ties with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the chief of the KDP relation office told Rudaw.

Ahmad Kani said the KDP is ready to normalize ties with the PKK based on respect to governing authority and the situations and conditions in Iraqi Kurdish regions, but warned that the KDP, also ruling party in Kurdistan Region, will response any intervention in the region’s affairs and attempts against its integrity. Kani stated the KDP is seeking normal ties with all Kurdish political lines and parties, including the PKK, based on respecting national and internal interests of Kurds.

He reiterated that the KDP would response any effort to intervene in the region’s affairs. Ties between the two parties deteriorated after the PKK leading council member, Doran Kalkan, lashed out at the governing system in Kurdistan Region nd the KDP control on Erbil, the capital, and other Kurdish cities and called the present system in the region unsuitable. The remarks were drew severe responses from the region and the KDP in particular. It was offered in a meeting among parties in the Kurdish region that a gathering would be held between the region’s parties and the PKK to discuss and solve tensions.