MESOP : The Kurdish fratricide of PKK – KDPI claims Iranian army were sent on to KRG borders

 Iranian Government Sends Reinforcements to KRG Borders / Forces being taken in by helicopter, KDPI official says – Basnews | Sharif Falah – 24.05.2015 – KELESHIN – The Iranian government has sent reinforcements to its borders with the Kurdistan Region as clashes between Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) take place in the area. Kawa Jawanmard, member of the KDPI politburo, has exclusively told BasNews that KDPI has been informed that the Iranian government is reorganising its forces in the area to confront any unexpected incidents.

“We understand that Iranian forces are using helicopters to deploy reinforcements quickly to the mountainous areas near Shino and Kelashin in the north-west of Iran.”Jawanmard has rejected rumours claiming that Iranian soldiers disguised as PKK fighters in the clashes against KDPI Peshmerga forces. A source confirmed the reports and spoke to BasNews from Iran. “The Iranian government is moving artillery to the borders as they are concerned about the clashes between the two Kurdish parties.”Tensions between the PKK and KDPI have risen due to the KDPI recently resuming activities in the area. The Iranian Kurdish political party intended to send reinforcements to the Iranian border to carry out operations, but the PKK claims that they have crossed into the area, which has been under their control for years, with ulterior motives.