MESOP : THE BERLIN MEETING ON IRAQ & KURDISTAN – 20 countries promise support for Iraq against IS

2015/03/19 – MESOP : Some 20 countries and organizations have promised support for Iraq on Wednesday to assist in recovery efforts in areas freed from IS. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who hosted the meeting in Berlin, said the international community should help Iraq secure stability in areas freed from the militants.“We all know that military action – especially when successful – must be followed up by a fast and efficient civilian effort to ensure lasting stability,” Steinmeier said in his opening statement at the meeting of the “Counter IS-Working Group on Stabilization.” Steinmeier said that efforts would focus on policing and providing basic services, such as water and electricity. Iraqi troops, backed by Shiite militias and Kurdish forces, have been battling IS since June 2014 and have recently made advances in the region.