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It has long been known: the Oslo talks between the TR and the PKK in 2010 had been leaked. From the beginning on the PKK leadership accused a native of Germany Mr. Adem Uzun , the responsible for PKK’s Foreign policy. Uzun denied this. Until today. The fact of his later well-organized arrest in France was recognized by insiders as a revenge of both TR as well as parts of Europe representatives of the PKK (Brussels Center) against Uzun.

In fact, it was Adem Uzun who was responsible for the technical and practical arrangement of Oslo. But the very idea of place and intention came from the British Intelligence, who was approached with knowledge of the Turks by two connecting people close to Uzun: Mark Muller QC, Honorary Secretary Chairman of the Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales and the Kurd and chairman of the Kurdish Human Rights Project London, Kerim Yildiz. Queens counsel (QC) Mark Muller, a Scotsman with Israel background, is a wellknown actor for the British Government in relation to delicate foreign policy cases (Libyia etc.).

Uzun was responsible for the Oslo dating and the audio recording of the conversations. For this reason alone later suspicion fell from the first moment on him.

In Oslo then two people facing each other, who deeply distrusted each other: Uzun one hand, and exactly opposite him Sabri Ok, the trustee of today’s PKK chief Cemil Bayik.

Bayik considered the conversations with great skepticism. Agreed were the Oslo talks before by Oecalan via Hakan Fidan (MIT) with Erdogan. Uzun feared sabotage of Oslo talks by Iran and Bayik who has had always close and intensive links with Tehran. Uzun’s intention was in contrary to follow the line of chairman APO.

His amateurish attempt to bring parts of the interview protocols to the media corresponded with the hope to substantiate publicly the talks as established fact. He wandered much. The penalty of imprisonment in France – to keep him out of the business – was the answer.

The conflict within the PKK leadership which here had its first climax will enter in the next few months in a crucial stage: Hakan Fidan via Öcalan submitted a final solution plan in agreement with Erdogan, which flows into the disarmament of the PKK.

Until Newruz 2015 that work should be completed. Incredible! Not only because Cemil Bayik will do anything to prevent this APO-compliant solution. Even if he may publicly claime the opposite.