MESOP : TEHRAN VOICES AGAINST KURDISH INDEPENDENCE – Barzani & Athil Nujaifi’s visits to US a beginning to divide Iraq: deputy

12 May 2015 – MESOP – A deputy from Iraqi ruling National Alliance stated visits by Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani and Nainawa Governor Athil al-Nujaifi to the U.S. are the beginning of a plan that aims to divide Iraq. Zaher al-Abadi told Khabar news agency that Nujaifi is should go on trial for the fall of the province but he is allowed to go to the U.S. on behalf of Iraqi politicians, government and Sunnis, adding that Nijaifi’s visit to the U.S. as one of the states that back Iraq division is a shame.

Abadi added Barzani has to be tried for his remarks in the U.S. where he said the creation of an independent Kurdistan is certain. Abadi ultimately stated the visits are within efforts to divide Iraq and their travels to Washington is against the recent Iraqi parliament’s bill that opposed the U.S. congress bill which asks White House to send arms and weapons to Iraqi Kurds and Sunnis without any supervision from Baghdad.