Syria Video: Eyewitnesses Tell UN Inspectors Of Chemical Weapons Attacks (English Subtitles) – Click link at the very bottom for VIDEO’S + Pictures.

The Shaam News Network has made English-subtitled videos of the visits by the UN chemical weapons inspection team to Muaddamiyyat Ash-Shaam in West Ghouta, and Zamalka in East Ghouta.

The first video, filmed on August 26 in Muaddamiyyat Ash-Shaam, shows the inspectors visiting a field hospital and interviewing eye-witnesses about what they saw and experienced during the attacks on August 21.

The first man we see the inspectors examining appears to be in considerable discomfort. His legs have been affected by the chemical attack. Next, we see doctors taking a blood sample from another victim. The inspectors ask him, via an interpreter, where he was when the shell hit. The man answers that he had just finished prayers and was in the Arrawda mosque when he heard an explosion. He said he was close to the explosion — just thirty meters away from where the shell fell.

The UN inspector now asks the man what he felt after the shell hit. He replies that he was disoriented and then completely lost consciousness. When he came to, the man said he was injured.

“I was only awake for a minute and a quarter and I didn’t feel anything else…What I felt in this minute and a quarter was when the explosion happened and he and I went there…” the man said.

The second video, shot in Zamalka on August 28, shows a seven year old boy. He tells the UN inspectors that his brother, Imad, died in the attacks. He is unable to speak after that.

About the Author: Joanna Paraszczuk  EA WorldView’s Managing Editor.