MESOP SOUTH KURDISTAN : Kurdistan alliance: Maliki’s coalition delays legal legislation by 50 signatures in each session

08 March 2014 – Shafaq News / Kurdistan Alliance hold on Saturday , State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister , Nuri al- Maliki the responsibility of delaying the legal legislation of the current parliamentary session by demanding to submit the budget bill for first reading with each session being held .

“The members of Kurdistan Alliance attend in all sessions but once entering the hall , State of law coalition announce collecting 50 signatures for the inclusion of reading the budget in the first paragraphs of the agenda as a delay for the what has remained of legallegislations,” The vice president of the bloc, Mohsen al-Sadoun told “Shafaq News”. “We do not know why does State of law insist to read the budget, even though it contains major problems which is the responsibility of the federal government to develop solutions for them ,” adding that ” the agenda of the parliament contained the amounts of the High Independent Electoral Commission , but did not vote on it because of the budget problem . ”  Sadoun added that “when the government see that the country reached this stage of differences because of the budget , it is supposed to develop solutions .”

The President of Kurdistan Region , Masoud Barzani said yesterday that the Kurdish people will not alter their freedom with anything , stressing that if the Iraqi government continues in its approach against the region then it will have unexpected position .  Kurdistan Region is suffering from scarcity of financial cause due to stop paying salaries to employees , as officials have accused the regional government in Baghdad of not launching the region ‘s financial allocations deliberately to pressure it in order to achieve political and economic gains