Sêrko Ayûb Brigade Wants Release of Civilians

Statement from Sêrko Ayûb brigade in Girê Sipî (Tel Abyad) (local Jahbat al-Akrad brigade) says they will release the ‘prince’ of ISIS in return for the release of all civilians captured by ISIS/Nusra. The Sêrko Ayûb group was created in June. – Posted by  Wladimir van Wilgenburg

Turkish Aircraft Near Tel Abyad?

According to pro-PYD page yesterday, Turkish aircraft are circling above the area in Tel Ebyad.

Yekiti Returns to Political Union

FB page of Abdulhakim Bashar suggests Yekiti returns to Political Union and made this decision on 17 and 18 July. Earlier there were claims that Yekiti might become closer to the PYD, but after the incidents in Amude Yekiti changed it’s position.