MESOP SHORT CUTS WEST KURDISTAN : Kurdish Party Condemns Syrian Opposition

ANHA reports Democratic Left Party condemns Syrian coalition statement supporting ISIS against the Kurdish YPG fighters and hails struggle of YPG. The group is part of the KNC, but more sympathetic to the PYD and YPG.

Story about German Kurdish Jihadi

Story of pro-PKK newspaper about Kurdish Alevi that converted to Sunni Islam and joined Jihad in Syria. – Read more:


19-1-2014 – Kurdish National Council reacts to the YPG statement. Fuad Aliko from the Yekiti party said that the YPG statement was a direct threat to the Kurdish National Council (KNC) and that the KNC condemned crimes of these groups against the Kurdish people. He claims that YPG operations in Arab areas of Tal Hamis do not serve the Kurdish people. – Posted  by Wladimir van Wilgenburg