MESOP SHORT CUTS WEST KURDISTAN : KNC Discussing Joining SNC in Istanbul?

Kurdish National Council in Istanbul discussing possibly joining Syrian National Coalition? – Posted

YPG created Şehîd Mûnzûr Battalion in Kobanê

Monday, 26 August 2013 15:26 hawarnews – KOBANÊ – YPG (People Defense Units) established a new battalion in Kobanê and named it Şehîd Mûnzûr Battalion.

26.8.2013 – Hawarnews – YPG states that Mûnzûr was one of the executives of Asayîş in Kobanê who lost their life in Qena. One of the YPG commanders talked and stated that it is crucial now for Kurds to stay and defend their lands and as YPG forces they will do everything to save people living in Rojava.