MESOP SHORT CUTS KURDISTAN (IRAQ) Germany to send more Milan missiles to Peshmerga

11 April 2015 – German government is willing to deliver another batch of anti-tanks Milan missiles to the Peshmerga forces fighting IS group on the outskirts of Kurdistan Region, a German official said.

Following a meeting with the Minister of Peshmerga Affairs Mustafa Sayid Qadir, German Deputy Defense Minister Markus Gruebel showed his country’s support for the Peshmerga in the fight against IS, saying that Germany would send Milan missiles to the Kurdish forces. Germany is also ready to train Peshmerga forces on how to use the new arm and manage street fighting, Gruebel said. The trainings will be carried out in military bases in Germany and Erbil by German military personnel. Meanwhile, Peshmerga Ministry thanked the German on behalf of the Kurdistan Regional Government for their support in the fight against IS.