Yazidi Commander: PKK & YPG Creating Tension between Kurds & Arabs / Women kidnapped and youth killed by PKK & YPG, says Yazidi Peshmerga Commander

Basnews | Biryar Koyi – 29 Jan 2015 – ERBIL – A Kurdish Yazidi Peshmerga Commander alleges that Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) and People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters have kidnapped Arab women and killed a Yazidi youth.

Qassem Shasho told BasNews from Sinjar that PKK and YPG fighters recently entered two Arab villages – Khazork and Saviya near Sinjar – where they kidnapped two women and killed a young man. “Rumors spread that those responsible were Peshmerga and Yazidi. In fact, they were PKK and YPG fighters,” claimed Shasho. “They kidnapped two women and killed one of our Yazidi youths. Their main aim is to stir tension and conflict between Kurds and Arab,” said Shasho. “We have warned PKK and YPG leaders in the area that we will not accept such actions. We have found and freed the women and returned them to their families.”